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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Election 2016:The contenders and the pretenders!!

So as yesterday, we addressed the Leader of the 2016 pack, Hillary Clinton and why I think she should run( and more than likely WIN) let us now address those who would, will, or like to also contend for the White House in 2016! First, on the Democratic side, (and lets face it, Hillary will be primaried, its only a matter of time to see who are going to be the ones who will step in front of that bus!) But one who almost certainly will is ,of course ,Vice President Biden. He has wanted to be president for a long time now, but he faces in Hillary, what Hillary faced in Obama,, a trancendent candidate!And as was shown in 2008, its very hard to beat trancendence!!! Not to mention that in that same election, he was involved ,but faded rather quickly. Joe will go, but not without at least a little  FIGHT!  After Joe, we have a pack of contenders who have been mentioned and can be considered contenders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, and even Cory Booker, but they, like most of the democrats at this point have a national profile that is very lacking, and they have  records of service that will look like ameteur hour compared to Hillarys long record of service! So while Hillary will be primaried, it is highly unlikely that her run at destiny will be deffered this time, as it was in 2008.

Now on the Republican side, the republican face major problems, beause the combination of overt and rampant fanaticsm and a cast of not ready for prime time candidates have the party in major trouble. People are talking about Hillary's gaffes, but almost every day, someone from the republican ranks who is supposedly a contender for national office makes a cringeworthy remark, or takes a cringeworthy position! That, coupled with the scandal that plagues the republicans major hopes, hopes like Scott Walker and Chris Christie, leaves the republicans wondering like the song sez, "where have all the cowboys gone"??? Jeb Bush may run, but the shadow  and memory of the last Bush administration is casting a long shadow, perhaps too long for him to emerge from.Rand Paul is trying but lets face it , he has nothing to stand upon! Marco Rubio is fading fast as a republican star, and Ted Cruz, while a national nightmare, is a democratic dream candidate, as is Rick Santorum, who is making noises about upsetting the apple cart once again!! The only other  option for the republicans is Condoleeza Rice, who would indeed be a perfect foil against the Hillary factor for the republicans, or A draft of Mitt Romney, who is still stinging from 2012.

So there are indeed Many possible contenders out there for 2016, and the field of dreams is ready to be played upon!! The only question is is anyone besides Hillary really ready for the prime time of 2016? The next year and a half will tell that tale!!!

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