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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Republican Primary Analysis(and other political points!!!)

The Frankensteins monster that is the Tea party continues to wreak Havoc on Capitiol hill, with its creators!!! And as it claims its latest victim, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, it is clear that the Tea Party has become the REAL political danger for the Republican party!!! Because from Shutting the Gov down to unpalatable stances on EVERYTHING, the Tea Party has become the Drunk Uncle at the gathering Embarassing everyone with drunken antics!!! And lets make this clear this Tea party showing is a danger for Republicans and republicans only!! Because as the Tea parties continue with that good old Todd Aiken, Richard Murdoch type rhetoric on issues like Immigration, their rejection, and by association the rejection of the republicans at the national ballot box is assured!!  So as the Republican  snake continues to eat its tail, the Democrats can only rejoice at a party being hoisted on its own petard!!!

I am appalled and insulted by the assertion in the political media that Immigration reform is now dead, due to the Cantor loss. I would say it is THAT type of racist and self serving action that continues to divide this nation and is destroying the republican party from within!!  Immigration reform is a priority and it is time that the US Congress faced that fact!!! Instead of catering to racist rabble!!!

Why was Hillary Clinton being blamed for the MEDIA"s equation of her statement about struggle to the struggle of everyday average americans? Lets not put the feeding of the media grist mill above the well being of the nation shall we?

Another day another Congressional hearing, when will the republicans finally realize that action speaks loder than WORDS at the ballot box?

And lastly, as the president says nowhere else in the WORLD does this gun violence and mass shootings happen, the only question is when are we going to abandon the politics of the issue to do whats right? We need a NATIONAL registry of ALL gun and ammo sales in America! That is something that will save lives!!!!!!!

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