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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Terrorism and the world( a analysis)

Remember when terrorism was all about Israel and Palestine? When the Arabic world had seemingly come together to stand up for wronged arabic brethren? Well those days are apprently  forever behind us, and the world now suffers under the burden of the BIG Buisness of TERROR! Make no mistake, from Boko haram in Africa ,to IsiL in Iraq now, terrorism has devolved from the cause of the palestinians to the cause of money and power, from the cause of freedom and justice, to the cause of greed and self service! And the worst part of this buisness strategy is that it hides behind the guise of Islam, and the false prospect of imposing "Shria Law" !!!The big , wholesale buisness of terrorism has become nothing more than a profit and power driven devil, the very western evil that terror organizations like Boko Haram and IsiL swear they are against, and that, more than anything else, is what has placed the globe in concern! These are not heroes, fighting in cause or for a cause, these are no more than little greedy men, empowered by guns, and the fear of others!!! Little men interpreting The Koran to serve their own ends and their own means!! For too long in the world community we have taken a lackadasical stance towards them,, and that stance is what has allowed them to thrive, but when nations are endangered, when school children are not safe in their classes, and when men  and womens daughters are not safe in their beds, or on their streets, then it is time to take a stand!!! And when I say take a stand, I dont simply mean let the USA come to the rescue! AS  this type of terror has taken on a international scale, I believe it is time for a international response. and that response should begin on the floor of the UN! I think it is time for the President of the USA to come to the floor of the UN and put the addression of inter national terror on the agenda. And it is time to push for the international resources and manpower to be put forward to bring a end to the Buisness of terror that is becoming too popular of a buisness model for far too many! It is time to bring terror to the terrorists from boko Haram to IsiL! And the best way to do it is for the International community to unite against them!!!!

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